Sicce Multi 800 (Nova) Pump - 250-800L/hr

Sicce Multi 800 (Nova) Pump - 250-800L/hr

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Sicci Liquid Pumps 


These high quality Italian pumps are very reliable and 4 models are fully adjustable. 

The Nova, Idra, Extrema & Suprema have now been superseded by new advanced technology models under the Multi Brand. 

Pumps from the Multi 1300 and up will run both wet and dry.

A New Stainless Steel Filter is also available for the Multi 2500, 4000 and 5800 Pumps.


The Sicci MiMouse is of high quality, fully adjustable from 30/300 LPH and has excellent performance.

Will pump up to 0.5 metres high

Ideal for use in small spaces thanks to its compact dimensions. A totally submersible pump driven by a permanent magnet induction motor.

The MImouse has variable adjustment of the water flow rate. The MImouse is equipped with a fixed water outlet pipe 10 mm high, with an external/outlet diameter of 13 mm, which allows connection of both flexible pipes, with an internal diameter of 12 mm, and rigid pipes, with an internal diameter of 13 mm. Max head 0.6m

A suitable hydroponic pump fitted with vibration-damping rubber pads that make it run in absolute silence.

Multi 800 (Nova) - 800 LPH - Adj. 250-800 lph, Outlet Diam. of 13mm, Max head of 1.6 m

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